Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Smitten With The Mitten

On Friday, June 19, we made our first trek to Michigan with little Miss Mazy! We headed to Michigan for the annual Geurink Family Vacation. I was a little nervous traveling in the car for 10 hours with a 3 month old, but she was a CHAMP (and I am aware that people travel long distances with babies all of the time, but this was just a first for us). On the way there, she maybe cried 4 or 5 minutes total! I think it was Dan who kept her so occupied and loved during the ride. It was just adorable to see those two just living and loving life together! Also, we decided that our Honda Odyssey was one of the best purchases we have ever made! 28 miles to the gallon, plenty of leg room, and a comfy ride - couldn't get much better!

I was extremely excited to head to Michigan to see family again, but also to introduce Mazy Grace to those who have not met her yet. Our time in St. Joseph was very minimal, but we plan on spending more time there in August. As for the vacation, what an amazing time we had! It was just quality time spent with our families, time to relax a bit, and time to just be together and reflect. Many games, braids, swimming, eating, fishing, naps, and laughter occupied our week.

Oh, and by the way, the ride home went well too! About 1 hour from home, I said to Dan that Mazy is such a trooper. He replied with "well good thing she isn't a pooper trooper..." Not 2 minutes later, sure enough, she fills her pants. It was rather funny at the time! She sure taught us to not speak too soon!

So, here is a bit of what our week in Michigan looked like!
Mazy's response when we told her we were going to Michigan:
 We couldn't WAIT to introduce Mazy to Brenda! Who would've ever thought that this is what our "family" picture would look like! Those two little babies in heaven, thanks to the love and gift of Brenda, now have a baby sister!
 Tracie meeting little Mazy!

Now onto the family vacation...
My nieces just adore little Mazy! 
 We had SUCH gorgeous weather! Made for great times fishing and cruising around the lake!
 Dan teaching Addison and Noelle crazy tricks off the swim raft!
 Lookout, big muscles coming through!
 Hanging out with Uncle John
 Games, games, and more games!
 Emma could not get enough of Mazy - she was Mazy's little buddy all week!
 Mazy just loved all of the attention!
 Auntie Katie offering some long needed snuggles!
The water was a tad cold, but we thought we'd dip Mazy's toes in...the idea of swimming, she didn't really love

 My parents just loving on their grandkids!
 Auntie Kari has this carrying-kid-thing down!

 There were a few fish in the sea!
 The beautiful place we called home for a week!
 Tubing is always fun, no matter what age you are!
 One of the best parts of the cottage was the white rocking chairs on the porch. The family time spent on these was priceless!
 Scarlett loved "Babe Ma"
 We even managed to do two 1,000 piece puzzles!
Mazy got her toenails painted! What a stylin' little girl!
 Happy Father's Day to the most amazing dad. We love you!

 After the vacation we headed back to St. Joseph for the night!
 We now have a child to add to the family tree at Dan's parents! The meaning that Mazy Grace came with? Extravagant Blessings. Couldn't be more perfect!
 Auntie and cousin love!
 Mazy's tree that her grandpa and grandma planted in her name!

We are so blessed to come from such loving families! Always hard to say goodbye, but in a few short weeks we will be heading back to Michigan for a wedding. Never imagined having a child to take with us on family vacation - what a blessing it was! That little girl continues to steal our hearts! As Dan often says, "Kristin, when she is older and asks for $10, I'll say 'here's $20/'" Needless to say, she is becoming a daddy's girl! 

So back to the grind we go!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mazy's 3 Month Milestones!

 I think she is filling out a bit! Amazing what 1 month can do!

Stats: I measured Mazy and I believe she is in between 25-26 inches long! I am going to safely assume that that measurement is still almost off the charts! At her 4 month checkup we will get height and weight measurements.

Food: Mazy eats every 3-4 hours and is taking in 5 ounces each time. She eats at about 8:00, 11:00, 2:00, 5:00, 7:30, and 9:30ish each day. When she wakes up from a nap, I better have that bottle ready because she is READY to eat! We still give her, her acid reflux medication, when needed. We can tell she needs it when her spit up is more mucousy and she cries when she burps or spits up. We have been able to go a day or 2 without it before, so we are hoping she is growing out of it!

Size: Mazy wears a wide variety of clothing sizes! She still wears some 0-3 month onesies, but mostly 3-6. Pants, well, she should be wearing 6-9 months for length, but they are quite big around the waste then, so typically she is in 3-6 month pants. As for sleepers, well, she is in 9 month sleepers! Granted I spend every day with her, but when I look at her, she just LOOKS long! Mazy is in size 2 diapers (right now she is wearing Huggies, but it will soon be Target brand).

Routine: We have been working on teaching her to self-soothe, so that has made nights a bit easier. She will typically wake up between 3:30 and 4:00am, but we let her cry/mumble for a bit and she usually falls back asleep within 15 minutes. Then she'll wake up around 5:00 and that is when I feed her. She will usually sleep until around 8:00 then (sometimes earlier, sometimes later...she has slept until 9:15 before!). I right away give her a bottle and then about an hour later, we go for a walk (around 8:45 or 9:00am). When we get back, she is typically asleep, so I let her sleep in her car seat, but if she wakes up, I put her in our bouncy seat. Then throughout the day, we will read books, play with toys, jabber back and forth, walk around outside, if not take another walk, take a bath and swim, etc.

Mazy is not a great napper and really never has been. She will take them, but it is getting her to sleep and keeping her asleep that can be a daily battle. But the "battle" (I can't even really call it that) is won by holding her - tough life, I know :). Honestly, I love doing that, if we do not have anywhere to go. I try to not make it a habit, but if she has woken up 3-4 times, I will just hold her. Then the next nap she is typically fine. I find that her getting sleep is more important than the place that she gets the sleep. By nighttime, she sometimes takes a little snooze around 8:00, wake up, and have her last bottle for the night around 9 or 9:30ish. If we can keep her awake until her last bottle, she sleeps even better at night, but we don't fight that one too hard, depending how tired she is. Before her last bottle, I change her, put her sleeper on, and give her a body massage (which she just LOVES). After her bottle, she is always quite relaxed and I can typically just lay her down in her crib and she will fall asleep for the night. She does go to bed very well at night; it's just the naps we wrestle through a bit. But watching her sleep in my arms is one of the best jobs in the world! I treasure those moments, even though are hard at times.

Milestones and Activities:  Oh does Mazy LOVE to sit up, assisted! We will put her in the corner of our couch and she will just smile and play! When I just lay her in her carseat, I think she knows that means we are going for a walk, which I think she looks very forward to. Mazy enjoys reading books (especially books that just have pictures, like a First 100 Animals book). Mazy now likes to be held face out and can, for the most part, hold her head up. She is not a huge fan of her playmat, but is starting to enjoy her activity center, even though she just looks at the toys on it. Her taggy blanket is a fav and so is her Lamaze doll (still). She will jabber back and forth with you and loves to smile! Body massages, no matter what time of day, are a hit, and she enjoys just being in her diaper (no clothes). I figure, well, she was naked for 9 months, I can see why she still enjoys that! Bathtime never gets old - when we lay her down on the rug in the bathroom, she knows what that means! She rarely lets us know that she is getting sick of it - it's our arms that get tired first, from holder her head up!

Other Things to Remember:

  • Mazy does not enjoy tummy time. She rolled over pretty much unassisted on June 7 (just over 2 1/2 months old), but hasn't rolled over since.
  • She likes her feet played with and her arms lifted above her head and we say "sooo big!"
  • She enjoys watching people, especially little kids
  • Her hair is starting to get thicker on her head, but not necessarily longer
  • Mazy's eyelashes are long and absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
  • She does not like it when someone sneezes or coughs
  • She enjoys sucking her thumb and whatever other fingers she can get in her mouth too
  • When she sleeps, she will often move her mouth like she is sucking her paci, even though it is not in her mouth (it's so cute)
  • She is really starting to develop a personality! She is very playful and pretty much a content baby!
  • Mazy gets excited everytime she locks her eyes on our ceiling fan!
  • We also bought a van on  Memorial Day because it was too hard to get her in and out of the Explorer, and we needed a more reliable vehicle. 
Mazy, we look back on the past 3 months and do not necessarily wonder where they have gone, but are just in awe of how much you have grown to love life! You are extremely entertaining with your coos and smiles! Each day, we look forward to what you will learn. You continually steal our hearts and have brought so much joy, peace, and fulfillment to our lives. And just for the record, we think you are the cutest baby EVER. Thanks for putting up with your crazy parents and we can't wait to see what you will learn in the next month!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mazy's 3 Month Pictures!

Our little baby girl, Mazy Grace, is 3 months old!

To put into words what the past 3 months have meant to us, well, there are no words. 
We can't imagine our life without her.
SHE is the child we have been praying for.
Mazy Grace is the answer to our prayers.
This girl has brought more joy to our lives than we could ever imagine.
Mazy loves life, has taught us to take a moment and soak in the little things in life, and has taught us to not take a moment for granted. Mazy's little life is a miracle and for her life, we couldn't be more thankful!

What fun it was, to capture this little baby girl's personality!