Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week 38 - Ultrasound Update!

Maybe you are wondering just as much as we are, when this baby girl is going to come...

Well, it doesn't look like she is going to be making her appearance anytime soon (as in the next few days). We started off the week really wanting her here, but the thing is, basketball season is still going on (even longer now because of a blizzard we had on Tuesday). We decided that if she came, GREAT, but if she didn't, we'd be able to attend the tournament basketball games. It looks like we will be going to the basketball games! Tonight we went to the Central Minnesota Christian School's boys' basketball game vs. Southwest MN Christian and they won, which means they are going to state! AND...tomorrow, the GIRLS have a game vs. Dawson-Boyd, in tournament play, which means I get to keep "coaching" as the varsity assistant. So, we figure we are only getting her excited for all the sporting events she will be attending, as she is QUITE active at these games! She loves 'em already!

As for my week 38 ultrasound...
She is actually measuring right on in size EXCEPT...
Her femur length is off the charts - literally! When he measured it, that number is not in the computer, as she measured at 41 weeks and 3 days for that one, which is 3 weeks ahead! He had to put in a false number, just to get a reading. The rest of her body is right on, which means he figures she is maybe a 7 1/2 - 8 lb. baby right now (give or take a bit). She must be fairly cramped in there and wondering what to do with these legs of hers! No wonder they were always by her head when we first saw her in ultrasounds - she was probably wondering what to do with them! 

What this all means is that since my cervix isn't completely favorable yet, they do not plan on inducing me (especially since she isn't huge from the measurements). Yes, we were hoping I would be honestly, but oh well! My cervix is moving along, just not where it would have to be if they induced. Inducing now, could mean a c-section. I would MUCH rather have her naturally, so we are JUST fine with waiting for her to come in her own timing which we know is God's perfect timing! HE knows the right time and yes it still could be tomorrow, but it could be 2 weeks from now. So we just continue to enjoy feeling her move inside and dream. Dreaming about what she'll look like, dreaming about how long she'll be, and dreaming about her beautiful face, which you can see below:

Our doctor joked that she is going to come out looking like a kindergartener because of how tall she is! He said she'll be longest baby in the county :). We decided tonight that if she has Dan's torso and my legs, she is going to be MIGHTY tall and we are going to have to start saving to buy her clothes. Dan said I could just customize and make her clothes, but I have a bit of work to do then in learning how to sew pants! We said for her sleepers and onesies, we will have to buy a 1/2 year larger, but then take in the sides so they fit :). Watch she'll come out a little squirt, but we are preparing ourselves for having one long baby! Below are her measurements and now the estimated due date is March 12, but who knows! It was March 3 and we know that came and went, but that's okay. 

Really, we are okay with the wait. Some hours we just tell her it's time to come out (and are VERY impatient), but others we are just completely content. We know God knows. We know God has a perfect plan - even for this unborn child. He has from the beginning of time. So why rush a perfect plan? Trust me, I have to tell myself that everyday, but it's good for me. I am not sick of being pregnant, honestly, but just more eager to meet this sweetheart. This daughter that we have been praying for, for SO long! Yes, the doctor confirmed yet again, she IS a girl (whew!)

The world will definitely know when she is born! We can't wait to share the news, but we know that the news we get to share now, is just as important - that she is healthy, is growing strong, and is right where she needs to be! Praising God today as we have SO INCREDIBLY MUCH to be thankful for!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Week 37 Update

Oh how I love saying that now I am officially FULL TERM!

Those are words that I never even thought of saying - let alone the opportunity to say I am pregnant. I still to this day, find myself standing in front of the mirror and whispering "I am PREGNANT." You would think that after almost 9 months, it would sink in, but it really has not. We still marvel at the life growing inside of me (only God), how well my body has reacted to pregnancy (only God), and that we are just weeks away from meeting HER (again, only GOD)!

I had my 37 week checkup (made it to the weekly appointments) this week and nothing too new. Next week I will have an ultrasound to see how big she is and if I need to be induced. My doctor said that with heart patients, they will induce a week early, just to be safe, but it will depend on what my cervix looks like (not sure what that means, but we'll take it). Otherwise if she is doing okay and is on the smaller side, they will just let me go and not let me go 1 week PAST my due date. I about keeled over when he said that because here we think she is going to come early! Now to think that it could be almost a month yet before we meet her? Yikes! But then we realize that God knows. God knows THE perfect time for her to make her appearance. For her to enter into this world and put her into our arms. He knows when she is perfectly ready.

Pregnancy has taught me so much about faith. Really, the whole process of having a child, is completely out of our control. From the time of conception, to the time of the birth, us mere humans can do nothing about it. Yes, women can take care of their bodies and eat a healthy diet. Yes, doctors can induce to ensure the safety of the mother and baby, but in the end, it all is still in GOD'S hands, as HE is the sustainer of life!

God has taught me over the years, that life is unpredictable. But what is predictable is that God will never let go and never leave our sides. That has given such comfort to someone who used to like her life planned out. Oh trust me, I would LOVE to know that day that my contractions will start, but why sit back and wait for the inevitable? That is why this week, we have continued in our normal schedule, knowing that at anytime, we could be stopped dead in our tracks. Why sit, wait, and wish time away? God knows! So why waste my time waiting and trying to figure out when that time is? It is all part of letting go of that control. If my water breaks at a basketball game, so be it. It could've happened 5 weeks ago. Of course if I feel like something isn't right, I might not travel an hour somewhere, but until then, we are going to keep going.

Letting God take control of our time and our lives, has been the most freeing experience! I could sit and worry about the delivery, but that would do me no good, except raise my blood pressure; which my blood pressure is still right on - 108/68. That is purely God! My feet are still swelling each day, but nothing too painful. She is still moving around in there, as we now know where her body parts are. When I wake up in the middle of the night, her little tush is usually sticking straight up and poking out of my stomach, which is just so cute! Sounds weird, but she must be tucked in their tightly.

We are looking very forward to that ultrasound, but until then, we just continue to see each as a blessing with her, with us! The beginnings of us becoming an earthly family of 3!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 37 in a Picture

Only 3 weeks MAX to go! If you ask me, I think she looks ready :)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Just A Few More Weeks!

Can the anticipation get any greater??

Our baby girl has officially dropped, which means we are just THAT much closer to meeting her! On Tuesday, I did not feel very good and even thought for 2 seconds that maybe "it was time." I was sore and had a contraction or 2, but by the time I woke up Wednesday morning, I felt like normal pregnant Kristin again. Looking back, I believe it was all because she shifted lower, also known as lightening. BUT. We were so excited that that happened because that means she is just getting ready! Though there is no indication on when she might come, even though lightening is a good thing, it could still be 2-4 weeks. Bonus though of her dropping is that I have not had to take tums the last few days, I am able to eat a little more normally, and I found myself sleeping on my back (oops!) the other night because I could actually breathe! When babies drop, it takes pressure off your stomach and lungs, which makes eating and breathing much easier. I still do not have a killer appetite, but weight gain is a DEFINITE, as my swelling has increased (which I attribute to water weight now). It comes and goes, but at night, if we have a game, my feet are sure to be balloons - and yes, I laugh at it because it is hilarious-looking. I did take off my wedding rings just to be safe - wouldn't want to have those puppies get stuck! Now I have an excuse to kick up my feet at night :)

I had my 36 week checkup and lo and behold, the doctor thinks she might be evening out in weight. I am still going to have an ultrasound in 2 weeks to determine whether they need to take her early, but he thought it wouldn't be more than a week early. Deep down inside, we were hoping he would say she is coming tomorrow, but it sounds like she is going to be staying put for a bit longer (or so we think). According to many, I have grown a LOT in the past week (which I tend to agree), and I LOVE IT! Some clothes that I used to wear barely fit and some that used to be dresses, are now more or less shirts.

As much as we are just on pins and needles to meet this little girl, we know that God knows THE perfect time! Dan did a youth group lesson on patience this past week (because that just may be what we are struggling with :)), and we both know that God's sovereign plan is much better than ours! Plus, what blessings would we be missing out on, if we didn't trust in God's perfect timing? This week, the blessing of still being able to coach. Go on a date with Dan and talk about everything under the sun, including our dreams with our little girl. Taking time to feel her move her little feet around as we "play" with her. Blessings that we know will be filled with even MORE joy when we meet her, but blessings we do not want to take for granted as we wait.

What is it in your life that is requiring patience? What is testing you? What blessings would you miss out on if God acted on your time, not His?

Don't wish away time because it's in looking back, that you often wished you hadn't!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Her Room Is Coming Along!

Just wanted to share with you what our baby girl's room looks like so far! As much as I would love for all of our family and friends to see this in person, we know that it isn't possible, so we figure this is the next best thing! 

It is still a work in progress, but we are getting ever so close! We are still looking to get a bookshelf and lamp for next to the chair, and also a pink rug for in the middle of the floor. Regardless of those things, it is coming together and we LOVE it! 

We just picked up the chair this week (finally came in) and it is COMFY! It goes perfectly with her furniture. We find ourselves just sitting in that chair often, just daydreaming. Just today I found myself reading her books in that chair, and tears just started streaming. I never imagined sitting in a nursery, reading to our soon-to-be-born child. It was a moment I will never forget. Seeing Dan too, sitting in there, just looking around, thinking about what it will be like to hold her in his arms, just melts my heart! Needless to say, we are ready to hold this baby girl!

This week we also finished a little DIY project, which consisted of painting the letters of her name and hanging them with ribbon. Sorry, still not revealing the name, but wanted to still share this picture. The white sign on the wall with the verse Psalm 37:4, was hand painted by a dear friend of ours, Lauren. It has so much meaning and is something we treasure! Can't really see it, but we have a bright pink polka dot sheet in her crib right now :).

Even though the furniture looks black in the picture, we went with a completely espresso theme and everything matches amazingly, despite all coming from different places! I made the curtains a few weeks ago (nothing fancy, but they work and I love the fabric).

The "You Are Loved" banner that a friend of mine made for a shower she had for me a few weeks ago. Loved it so much, and since it went PERFECTLY in our girl's room, we decided to hang it. The saying could not be more true!

My other DIY projects! My DIY Baby Headband Holder and clip holder. I had some old fabric that just so happened to go with the room's colors, so I repurposed it, hot glued some clothes pins onto it, and voila! The clip holder, I just made out of a picture frame, using the same fabric and strips of fabric to hold the clips. SUPER easy to make!

I will definitely be sharing the "final look" of the room, but this is what we have so far. I know, maybe a little weird to be sharing these photos, but I know I would be showing our families if we lived by them, so I want to share this experience with them as much as we can. I never knew I would have so much fun putting together a nursery. Yes, I like to keep it simple (shocker, right?), but adding personal touches is what I am all about! 

Now, all we need is for her to fill that room with her beautiful face! Just a few more weeks!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Only 5 More Weeks (Or Less...)

The other day I was on a walk, praying, and thanking God for keeping this dream alive!
In less than 5 weeks, we will be meeting our baby girl. 

Are we ready for her to make her debut? OH YEAH! Am I ready to be done being pregnant? Mixed thoughts...only because I love feeling her inside of me. But Dan reminds me of the joy she will bring to our lives when we can actually snuggle with her, feel her breath on our bodies, and watch her grow. He is SO right! That is why we are ready for her to make her debut!

I am definitely looking pregnant (as if I didn't before...)
I am still coaching, and that has added some extra fun - we recently had an away game and as we walked through the front doors, I heard someone say "NOW SHE IS PREGNANT"! I pretended I didn't hear her, but chuckled inside as yes indeed, I am definitely pregnant. Lo and behold, the next day, one of the refs after the game asked when I was due. He was shocked to hear that I had 6 weeks to go at that time and asked if I would make it that far. I told him "yeah, that's a good question...she might come early" and he looked at me as if thinking "she better or you're going to pop!" It is so fun. I honestly do not mind those comments at all because I realize our baby girl is growing and so I am, so I too, would wonder! 

I am now swelling a bit, but I am not concerned. I woke up Sunday morning and my ankles were definitely cankles. I wondered why in the world since I had just gotten out of bed, but oh well! I am 35 weeks pregnant and I honestly expected to swell LONG before! It is a different feeling I must say, but now I know to take good care of the ole feet, to get up often, or sit down more (depending on the day), and just drink the agua! 

I love chicken again! I have to laugh when I think about how much I hated it before (couldn't even look at it), but I would say over the past few weeks, I have enjoyed eating it again. I am still eating smaller meals (most of the time), but more of them. Heartburn gets the best of me otherwise. I love going on walks, and though I probably look a little weird as I think I might waddle a bit, it is worth it because they feel so good! And we have been blessed having a milder winter in Minnesota! When it's so cold, I do not even enjoy being outside, but it has been in the 20s and 30s, and even 40s at times, which this pregnant woman has been VERY thankful for! 

I am still sleeping pretty well at night (have to sit up at times, but fall right back to sleep), and this baby girl is more active than ever. It has been such a blessing to share those moments with Dan, as she looks like she is literally rolling across my stomach - but we know it's a leg just making it's way around. 

Ah, we are so in love! 
We realize that she could really be here any day. Many ask when I think she'll come, and I feel like early March, but that is just my inkling. God could bring her into this world earlier or later - again, we just pray that she is healthy!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

"This Time Next Year..."

Those words, etched in our faith.

May 11, 2014.

A day that is part of the story; written by the very hand of God.

The past few weeks, I have been thinking and reflecting on the journey God has had us on. This journey to another opportunity to have our own biological child. It was on that day in May, when I didn't really feel like going to a mission trip reunion - a mission trip Dan went on, but I did not. 5 minutes before he left, I decided to tag along. It was that nudge from God, saying "go". What I should've realized is that it was a nudge from God saying "you have no idea what I have in store for you."

We do not know when God healed my heart. Was it that day in May when we were surrounded by the elders and pastor of the church, anointed with oil, covered in prayer? We do not know. But what we do know, is that our pastor prayed that night, as we all sat in a circle, praying that my heart would be healed (before my next heart appointment that Thursday) at "this time next year, we would have a child."

I admittedly say that when I heard those words, I didn't have the faith to believe that those words would be true. That really, God would heal my heart enough so that I could carry a child. At that moment, I didn't feel any different physically. What I felt though, was the love of my brothers in Christ, lifting us up in prayer, dreaming the same dreams we had. Seeking and desiring hope - a hope that we had somewhat given up on. We felt we just couldn't put our hope in the possibility. I confess I doubted God. Not that He couldn't, but that He would choose not to. I had seen Him do miraculous things all around me, but in my heart, I just didn't think that it would happen to me.

At this time next year...

We truly felt God had brought us to a place of healing, of acceptance, and almost "comfort" knowing that biological children just were not in our future. We had accepted that reality and we were ready to move forward. We went to Florida about a month before, and it in a way was a trip that helped us take a deep breath and just realize that this is our life - life with just Dan and Kristin. Again, we were just ready to move on. In fact, Dan did a whole youth group lesson on that idea of moving forward - Psalm 37:4 where it says "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." All we wanted was to just do God's will and however that looked, we wanted to do it. If it meant no earthly biological children, then so be it - we accepted it.

But God had a different idea. He knew, "at this time next year..." that He would fulfill and answer that prayer. I am so thankful He gave those words to our pastor that night - they were literally life-changing! I still find myself in awe and just sheer amazement at what God did to my heart - let alone create within me, LIFE. Not only is my heart healed enough to carry, but I AM carrying. This is a gift that we continue to unwrap and do so with humbleness. And we continue to eagerly await to see what our life will look like "at this time next year..."

Needless to say, May 11 will be another day etched into our hearts and another day that has impacted and increased our faith. I wish I could say that we have walked this path free from doubt, but we know that faith is created in the unseen. And we wait in faith, to see what God has in store for us in the next few weeks, months, and years!

To GOD be the glory!