Friday, May 22, 2015

2 Month Stats

I decided to do a little more "bullet-point" post for each month, since the blog is something I often look back on myself! This way, I will never forget all of the little details of Mazy Grace's life!

Stats: At her 2 month checkup, she weighed 12 lbs. 4 ounces, and is in the 71 percentile. She is 24 inches in height, which means she is now only in the 96 percentile! She must be shrinking (not)! We were a bit shocked because before she was always well above the 99 mark, but she is now evening out a bit. Her head circumference is at 16 inches, which puts her in the 97 percentile. She is growing and healthy little girl. Couldn't be more thankful!

Food: Mazy eats about 5 ounces (or less) at each feeding. She is currently feeding at 3:30am, between 6:30 and 7:30am, and then 3 hour increments after that. The later night feeding can range anywhere from 9:00-10:00pm. At the 3:30am feeding, she usually goes right back to sleep, but only eats about 2-3 ounces. My guess (and my hope) is that in the next few weeks, we can completely cut out that feeding!

Size: Mazy moved up to 3-6 month white onesies, but can still fit in about half of her 0-3 month clothes. We are transitioning into the 3-6 month clothes. Most of Mazy's pants are capris, but that seems to be working out just fine since the weather is a bit warmer! She cannot wear any 0-3 month sleepers - she is all 3-6, if not most 6 month sleepers now. She is currently wearing size 1 diapers in Pampers and Target brand, but size 2 in Huggies. I learned quickly that with Huggies she leaks through them, but the poundage is different than Pampers, so it all makes sense! Pampers 1s go up to 14 lbs, where Huggies 2s start at 12 lbs. You live and learn!

Routine: Mazy usually wakes up around 7:30 or 8:00am for the day. I feed her, play with her for an hour and 15 minutes or so (with LOTS of smiles), and then she typically goes down for a nap. Mazy's naps vary quite a bit in length, but on average she will take an hour nap. I try to keep her sleeping until her next feeding, but that doesn't always work. I find that when the nap schedule is off, by night time, she has about had it! So I try to keep her sleeping when I can! I sometimes will give her a bath before she goes back down for her first nap around 9:00am. She still LOVES her baths! I can lay her on the bathroom floor with the water running, and I think she knows exactly what that means because she is one happy camper! We typically go on a walk (if it's nice out) around noon. Otherwise, during her awake times, we just play with her toys and talk to her. She is becoming quite the jabber box, so I try to take full advantage of that everyday! By nighttime, she will sometimes sleep at random times, but usually by about 9 she will get a second wind and that is when we feed her her last bottle for the night. Sometimes she will go right to sleep, where other times we may have to rock her for a bit. Just depends on the day. Otherwise she will typically sleep through the night til 3:30am! She typically naps in her bouncy seat and sleeps at night in her crib.

Milestones and Activities: Mazy LOVES to coo and smile! She started to really talk and smile constantly at weeks 8 and 9. At week 8 she learned to turn her head back and forth, which became a game when trying to feed! Mazy found your hands at about week 7 and 8. Sometimes she will just stare at her wrist and hand for awhile, wondering where in the world it probably came from! She can also follow objects with your eyes. At week 8, we switched her over to her crib for nighttime sleep and she slept like a charm! Mazy loves it when people talk to her, so I try to talk to her whenever I can - she typically will coo back! She enjoys laying on her back, having her legs played with, and having her body massaged from head to toe. She could stare at the curtains in her bedroom for 20 minutes at a time - all I hear is her talking to them! Mazy sometimes enjoys a book being read to her and her playmat, well, she could take or leave that! Really your daily activities consist of eating, playing for a bit, then sleeping. We have your activities and routine down, for the most part!

Other Things to Remember:

  • Mazy is SO proud when she kicks and plays in the bathrub! Her face is priceless! 
  • She definitely lets us know when she is not happy, but we are pretty much able to decode what each cry means. 
  • She has a little mullet for hair, but it's cute, and her eyelashes are getting LONG!
  • She doesn't like it when you sneeze or cough - it scares her
  • Anyone who talks to her is her best friend
  • Her favorite toys are her Lamaze doll (she lights up everytime she see it), her squeaker giraffe, rattle, taggy blanket, and Oball ball. 

Mazy girl, we sometimes still can't believe you are here! I can't wait to wake up to you every morning and pick you up out of your crib! Those dazed eyes turn into a big smile eventually! What a fun little personality you are getting! We praise and thank God for allowing us to be your mommy and daddy!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Changes in the Blogging World!

I can't even begin to put into words how thankful we are to have Mazy in our lives! If the number of pictures I share on a weekly basis doesn't give it away, well, let my words then be a tell-tale of how much we love our little Mazy Grace!

Before God showed His plan for us with regards to kids, I especially wondered how God would use me, if He was not calling me to be an earthly mother. When we moved to Minnesota, I in a way, went through an identity crisis. We had just left a pretty difficult situation behind, and here we were, in a new state, with a new start. That meant new opportunities and almost a starting-over process.

Minnesota in March is pretty chilly, so I found myself at home. Often. Wondering how to fill my time. I decided to foster a dream of mine, which was to start an organizing blog. At the time, I had our personal blog, but I found myself being even more intrigued with organizing and how to live life with less.

That is when I decided to start my own small business with a blog called Organizing Life With Less. I have absolutely LOVED being an organizing blogger and have learned more than I ever imagined, met some incredible people, and realized that in creating this blog, I became even more content. I discovered the type of life I really wanted to live - a life with less.

Over the past 2 years, I have spent countless hours developing Organizing Life With Less and when I look back, I can't believe that dream actually came true! It took a lot of hard work, but again, it has been completely worth it and I am a different person (for the good) because of it.

Well, now I have entered a new chapter in my life! Being a mother to our absolutely beautiful daughter (okay, maybe I am a little biased). Since having her, I have realized my time looks very different, and I want it to stay that way. I do not have the time to keep up the organizing blog like I need to, and I am okay with that. I just didn't want to give up all the hard work I put into it. All of those posts! All of those pictures! So, I have decided to combine the blogs and just write for our personal blog, but throw in some organizing, recipes, and living with less ideas when they come to mind.

I have decided to stop blogging for Organizing Life With Less, but all of those posts are now linked into this personal blog! It is a new chapter that I am excited to embark on - and that is living life with less - living with less commitments, so that I can be the mother I want to be!

I have enjoyed the past few years blogging for Organizing Life With Less, but it is also time to close this chapter too. So thank you for being a faithful reader and supporter if you have! I have loved all of the challenges, giveaways, guest posts, and opportunities that OLWL has created, but it is now time to enjoy even MORE time with our baby girl!

So stay tuned...

This blog will look a little different as I now try to combine both blogs the best I can! So bear with me as it might look a little odd at times, but I hope to get it together soon!

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Past Week In Pictures

Every week just gets easier and easier!

This week, Mazy has slept extremely well! She is napping for an hour or 2 at a time, where before it was only around 30 minutes each time. That was rough because I knew she wasn't getting adequate rest! Also, at night, we are putting her down around 9:30 or 10, and she doesn't wake up until 3:30 to eat most nights, so it feels like a full night's sleep! She will go back down again and sleep til about 6:30 when I feed her, and go back down til about 8:00. She is feeding every 3 hours almost on the dot, which is something I am actually really trying to make work - to get her on a schedule. It was very difficult the first 6 weeks because of all the issues we had with me and her. Though now I feel like we are in a groove and I think she is loving it too!

She is just a smiling away these days! After naps, she is just as happy as can be (especially after I feed her), and we can play for a few hours until she is ready for a nap again. I suppose you could say we are doing the Babywise thing, but at the same time, we are off a few weeks, so I am more or less just applying the principles of the matter. The whole Feed, Wake, Sleep idea. She seems to be doing well on it, and it makes our days a bit more predictable. For instance, I am not going to run into town if I know she will have to eat in a 1/2 hour of getting there. Because I know she typically stays awake for a bit after feeding, I will play with her and then when it's time to jump into the car, I can bet that she will fall asleep and stay sleeping while I run my errands. Granted I am not gone for long periods of time, but having her on a system helps and makes this mama a bit more at ease when it comes to taking her places.

Mazy still loves sporting events and being outside, so I have taken her to a few baseball games, and on walks when I can. In fact, if she is having a meltdown, I just step outside for a few minutes and typically she calms down within 30 seconds. I think she just needs different scenery and a breath of fresh air. Don't we all need that sometimes!

We did have to up her dose of acid reflux meds, since she is growing! That seems to really be helping, since her spit ups were quite mucousy and she would cry when she did spit up. Now, I think we have found a happy medium again. She loves her little squeaker toy, Lamaze doll (still is her best friend), us kicking her legs, baths, and really anytime we talk to her. She is just so playful!

By all means, Dan and I have a long ways to go in getting this parenting thing down, but we are definitely making strides! We continue to learn and embrace every moment we can because there IS so much to learn! It still has been one of the most fulfilling, rewarding, yet challenging things we have experienced, but we cannot imagine our life any other way. God has prepared us all those years for this moment - having Mazy. Oh how I LOVE waking up to her every morning and seeing her beautiful and glowing face! I still cry, well, tear up everyday, just thinking about what a miracle she is! I wish I was exaggerating, but I am not! She brings tears to my eyes daily, as I tell her how much I love her and how she is an answer to so many prayers! And when she looks at me with those big blue eyes, how can one NOT tear up?

 Just missing the ice cream cone in this picture!
 Practicing our tummy time - still not a huge fan, but getting there!

 Mommy, I think my outfit is a little short...

 Never get sick of this!
 Supporting both states - Mazy will grow up being a Michigan fan, but we will cheer for Minnesota - as long as they aren't playing Michigan!
 Look how tall I am, Mommy!
So blessed to hang out with this chica everyday! No, my white shirt is not a onesie :)
 I just can't get enough of her!!!!
 She LOVES body massages (as you can see)! 

Mazy Grace is one precious little girl! So much fun to see her grow!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

52 Places in 52 Weeks: Gift Wrap

You found the PERFECT gift for that special someone. You get home to realize that your gift wrap is nothing but pathetic, and you are embarrassed that you have to put that lovely gift into THAT. Or maybe you are one of those last minute shoppers. You buy the first thing you see and when you get home, you again, realize that your gift wrap is a mess and you don't have time to decorate it in something fancy. Well, today we are going to organize ALL of our wrapping paper, gift bags, and whatever else you use to wrap gifts. This way, the next time you are stuck buying that last minute gift or want to put that something special in something beautiful, you are not stuck and left frustrated!

5 Steps to Organize Your Gift Wrapping Supplies:
1. Grab ALL of your gift wrapping supplies (including ribbon, tape, labels, Christmas paper, etc.)

2. Lay it all out.

3. Sort it (this may seem tedious...)
  • Organize your paper/bags by occasion
  • Organize those piles by putting all the things you have used in the past 2 years in one pile.
  • The rest? THROW IT AWAY (or donate it)
  • Again, you may think "I'll use it someday..." NO YOU WON'T. You've been saying that for the past how many years and those bags and wrapping paper are continually pushed down to the bottom.
  • Next, I would suggest buying a tote to store all of your gift wrapping supplies in (including scissors, tape, and a marker so everything is in one spot). 
I have two of them - one I keep all of my general supplies in and the other, Christmas. That way, each time I need to wrap a gift, I just have to grab ONE container and I know ALL of the supplies I need are in that one tote.

4. Another suggestion would be to see what "occasions" you do not have wrapping supplies for. Jot yourself a note to buy paper in advance for that occasion to prevent panic mode when you have to wrap something. I realize that you don't know what size the gift will be, but wrapping paper is great because it's something that is cheap, easy to decorate, and you don't feel as guilty throwing it away.

5. One of the most IMPORTANT ways to control your gift wrapping supplies is to USE UP WHAT YOU HAVE. I have been known to buy paper just because it is a good deal. Well, it's not a good deal when I can't fit it all into the containers I already have. Less is more, even in wrapping paper I think!

Hopefully this helps in the organizing of your gift wrap, that it is now easily accessible, and it is now a fun process, instead of a dreaded one!

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2 Months Old Today!

Mazy turned 2 months old today! Here is the comparison of her at 1 month and now 2 months!

 Those legs are just getting longer and longer! Love the little leg rolls she is getting!

 This face just makes me laugh! Oh Mazy...

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mazy Grace - 7 Weeks Old!

Even though Mazy is now technically 8 weeks old, I decided to share the pictures I took of her at 7 weeks. I can't get enough of those snuggles and decided to share my love for them in pictures! 

This week she has learned to turn her head from side to side, so feeding her can be a bit of a struggle while holding the bottle! It is so fun to watch how proud she is, as she does that!

She also has been cooing and "talking"! She realizes it is her and so when she does, it's almost like she surprises herself and wants to keep doing it. It is just adorable! She still loves her little Lamaze doll and coos at it every time!

Her fist and fingers have become her new favorite pacifier! This momma is happy about that because when I am not able to get her that instant, a minute later I hear a loud sucking noise and sure enough, she has her thumb in her mouth. Sometimes it's the first 3 fingers and it looks like she is going to fit that whole fist in her mouth.

It has been incredible what she has learned in just this past week! She is one growing little girl!

What a little snuggler!
And those eyes!

Learning to hold her paci in (okay, maybe this was a bit of a fluke)
Her excitement over bathtime is still the same! No, I do not put a suit on her every time we give her a bath - we did this because we wanted to videotape her and thought this was a bit more appropriate!

She is such a smiley little girl now!
Mazy's first time in the boat! She will be spending MANY hours with us in it next summer!
We LOVED having our parents visit last weekend! What a blessing to have them with us again!

Making sure Mazy knows at a very young age, that she is Dutch! It's not like her body doesn't give it away with the long legs...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mazy Grace's Baptism

Sunday was an incredible day.
Not only were we able to celebrate Mother's Day, but it was also the day Mazy Grace was baptized!
Since my husband works as a youth pastor for 2 churches, we had a combined afternoon service. We gathered in the fellowship hall, since the sanctuary is currently torn down, and celebrated one of the greatest moments of being parents thus far. To see both churches welcome our child into their "family" and promise to walk alongside of us, brought tears to my eyes! We could not be more thankful for the love and support we have been given and we are eager to raise Mazy Grace to know the Lord and lead by example by walking in His footsteps.
Here is the video that Dan made for the baptism, which spans Mazy's life thus far:
Some pictures from the day:
I just never imagined holding our child and Dan presenting her for baptism. It took everything in me to not become a blubbery mess up there! 
The dress my sisters and I, and my 4 nieces wore, for baptism. Keeping the tradition alive!
I tried to get pictures of Mazy in her dress, but she was just so excited to wear it and get baptized, that it was hard to get a clear picture!

We were blessed that our youth group were willing to lead us worship! Blessed Be Your Name and Amazing Grace were definitely on the song list! It was such a beautiful service and we can not take credit for any of it! We appreciate all those who were involved!


We were blessed to have both of our parents out for the baptism and celebrate with them. Can't even begin to express how much that meant to us!

Me and my girl!

What a day to celebrate! It was very overwhelming for me personally because I often cried tears of sadness on Mother's Day and at baptisms. I just longed to experience the joy of what those occasions bring. Little did I know that God was saying "just wait, my child...your day will come!" And now to look back and realize that our prayers are continually being answered, just puts me in awe of what God can do. How deep the Father's love for us! How beautiful and humbling that feeling is.